Work with a freelancer with agency experience who takes pride in her work. I am a curious, creative thinker who has published both artistic and business writing. I have also served a wide variety of clients, from engineers to filmmakers to musicians. I am an adaptable, quick learner who is conscientious and cares about pushing your vision to the next level.

Writing Services:

  • SEO copywriting and blogging

  • Summaries and reports

  • Creative work (ie. screenplay, poetry, fiction) — please contact for more info


I prefer to charge on a per-project basis. Rates are calculated based on the complexity of the project, time it will take (including research time), and materials required. Please get in touch with me about your project and we'll go from there!

Special Interests + Knowledge

I have lived experience and niche knowledge in certain fields:

  • Music: I hold an Associate diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory and taught music and music theory for several years.

  • Non-profits: I have worked for two non-profits and currently volunteer for one; ask me about non-profit rates!

  • Anti-oppression: I have lived experience with marginalized identities (queer / gender non-conforming / POC) and I also work for an organization with anti-oppressive values. I am familiar with anti-o principles and am passionate about this type of work.

  • Environment and sustainability: I volunteer for the Wildlife Rescue Association and am interested in taking on more work in this area. If you are a non-profit interested in freelance services, ask me about non-profit rates :)